Careful planning for a waste pumping station clean

The storm well and dry weather flow well at Castle Road, Allington in Kent had not been cleaned for more than six years when MTS began work on the project with Southern Water. With an output of 275 litres per second the project needed an active onsite solution to enable cleaning to go ahead.

In partnership with Exsel Pumps, MTS diverted the flow into the two storm tanks onsite to allow a four hour window for the cleaning work.

With a total of four pumps (two standby) in the inlet chamber, two specialised Trelleborg Megaplug drain bungs (supplied by Stopper Specialists) were craned into position and inserted in the inlet pipe. More than 440 metres of steel discharge pipework was laid to discharge from the inlet into the storm tanks.

Initially the MTS confined space entry team cleaned the storm well in dry weather, after pumping down manually. The breathing apparatus team controlled the inflation of the bung in the inlet chamber, with Exsel pumping to maintain the flow until zero flow was achieved.

MTS operatives thoroughly cleaned and checked all elements before removing the drain bung and turning the pumping station back on for full testing.

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