An industry first at Fort Cumberland

A specialist MTS team was based at Fort Cumberland near Portsmouth for 12 months, working to remove 7,000 tonnes of silt, rag and grit from four storm tanks before Southern Water could begin site improvements.

The task was to clear the tanks as quickly as possible and minimise the impact on the environment. In addition, the tanks could not be closed off because they provide essential flood protection to the surrounding area. The tanks were refilling with sewage throughout the project adding a further 7,000 tonnes of material for handling and disposal.

We introduced an innovative combination of technology, equipment and approach to tackle the project:

  • We removed material from the storm tanks using a DISAB Vacloader, the most efficient and effective suction unit available.
  • We drastically reduced the volume of material for transportation: A D:Max screening unit separated and de-watered the waste, reducing the volume by around 90%. Extracted liquid was sent back through the waste water treatment works.
  • We recycled 100% of the remaining 1,400 tonnes of dry solids into soil conditioner for use in land restoration at the MTS in-house composting facility.
  • By sending zero waste to expensive and unsustainable landfill this project made savings of more than £1 million.

    MTS has set a new standard of sustainability in the water industry by avoiding unnecessary tanker journeys and landfill disposal. We successfully used the same combination of technologies at the Long Reach Waste Water Treatment Works and it is now recognised as best practice by Thames Water.

    We are currently recycling around 17,000 tonnes of waste per year, saving our customers some £1.36 million in landfill charges alone. We are working to increase this further and continue to lead the way in environmentally friendly waste treatment.

    You can watch the Fort Cumberland project in action here.

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