London sewer clean on London's Victoria Embankment

MTS worked closely with Thames Water to plan a cleaning schedule for some of London’s major central sewers. The task was to clean the large trunk sewers which run down to the Victoria Embankment through complex pipework arrangements known as siphons.

To enable the cleaning work, Thames Water diverted one of the massive sewers that runs parallel to the Embankment – a complex operation in itself. This diversion removed flow from the sewers requiring cleaning so that work could commence.

MTS used a six man confined space entry team, coordinated with Thames Water on site. High pressure jetting broke down some of the accumulated “fatbergs” and loosened up grit so that our deep lifting super suction tankers waiting at ground level were able to remove the waste. The majority of this waste was composted to minimise expensive and unsustainable landfill disposal.

MTS worked at night in multiples of three night shifts for two weeks, removing an estimated 117 tonnes of waste.

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