Tank cleaning at Hogsmill STW

MTS were tasked with emptying and cleaning a redundant primary sludge digester at Thames Water's Hogsmill STW, in preparation for demolition. The unit had been mothballed for 18 years and contained 3800 cubic metres of sludge, grit and rag.

This 18 week project involved high risk confined space entry work, working at height and significant manual handling issues as well as biological hazards associated with sewage.

As the load bearing properties of the redundant tank could not be verified, MTS requested a designed scaffold for safe man access, equipment support and a fixing point for emergency rescue.

Planning and coordination led by MTS significantly reduced hazards on site and generated efficiencies in our programme. The MTS Construction Phase Plan incorporated the standard policy, procedures and safe system of work that form our company's integrated management system. This was supported by a site specific method statement and a dynamic risk assessment (DRA) completed at the start of each shift.

This standard working method ensures that MTS gets the right information to the right people at the right time, cutting down on excessive paperwork.

As the principal contractor, MTS was also responsible for undertaking due diligence of competencies and qualifications for subcontractors including the scaffold company.

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