Contamination clear-up in residential properties

An MTS team recently faced a tough job when a blocked drain in Broomfield Road, Faversham, Kent created complications.

A two man team attended a severe blockage which took several hours to clear overnight. When the team eventually managed to clear the blockage, the waste and heavy silt moved further downstream and created a second blockage.

This second blockage caused localised external flooding to two properties. An MTS clean-up crew attended to tackle contamination in two gardens.

There was a substantial amount of contaminated waste to remove and the clean-up operation took a total of two days.

MTS also arranged the replacement of turf in the customer’s garden which had been damaged by the recovery works.

Scott Diamond, Fleet Operations Director at MTS said; “Clearing up after a flood incident is hard and time-consuming work. The MTS teams worked hard on this tough job and produced an excellent outcome for the customer.”

The MTS blocked drain service is available 24 hours, seven days a week and we aim to respond to emergency calls within four hours. You should always act quickly when you discover a drain problem to avoid overflow of sewage.

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