Ground clearance at a Thames Water site

When faced with thick brambles and bushes at their Hogsmill Sewage Treatment Works in Surbiton, south west London, our customer Thames Water asked if MTS were able to organise clearance of the foliage.

Although this is not part of our normal remit, it was important to clear the area around the dividing walls of the storm tanks to create improved access for Thames Water operators.

Thames Water were planning to place four new walkways along half the length of the thicker dividing walls, in order to allow their operators easy access to the tanks and pumps. The foliage had not been cut back for years and was encroaching over the tank walls, as well as blocking the planned location of the new walkways.

We quickly organised a training course for our crews in the use of specialist cutting equipment and issued all operatives with the appropriate PPE, to ensure the work was carried out safely.

The team worked hard to clear the overgrown areas to the complete satisfaction of our client.

Thames Water is the UK's largest water and sewerage company, supplying 8.8 million people with drinking water and providing wastewater services to 14 million. They cover an area of 5,000 square miles across London and the Thames Valley.

On an average day, Thames Water removes and treats more than 4 billion litres of wastewater across the region at their 350 sewage treatment works.

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