Pit cleaning at Ramsgate Harbour

An MTS crew used a jetting and vacuum combination unit to clean and empty a pit on the jetty at Ramsgate Harbour.

Engineers needed to enter the pit in order to replace hydraulic components as part of the refurbishment of the harbour gate. The gate itself was removed by crane, its first time out of the water for 25 years, and taken to Brussels by barge for repairs.

With the 22 ton gate out of the way, the MTS crew were able to access the pit to clean it and remove the mineral oil and sea water it contained. The work was coordinated with other specialists on site, including divers, welders and the hydraulic engineers.

Our crew positioned the MTS combi unit as close as possible to the open pit and laid out suction hose in preparation. Using a high pressure water jetting hand lance, they attempted to clean off the mineral oil which proved very stubborn. The oil was eventually removed with scrapers and then the team re-jetted the walls and hydraulic components.

Finally, the oily water was pumped out of the pit and onto the combi tanker for removal and disposal.

The engineers were then able to access the clean pit and hydraulic equipment requiring refurbishment.

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