Emergency clean for system blocked with rag

Epsom General Hospital had a severe build-up of rag in a communitor pit, consisting largely of paper towels which the NHS Trust uses for infection control purposes. Over 90% of the pit was packed solid with the towel debris when the hospital estates team contacted MTS.

We urgently despatched a tanker to site that same afternoon in order to lower the water level and gain some breathing space. By 8am the following day several tankers were there to begin the full clean-up operation. Several combination units worked to break up the debris and suck it up to decant into a waiting tanker. In total, we supplied nine tankers from MTS depots across the south of England and a specialist confined space entry crew.

The operation took six days from the receipt of the first emergency call, including weekend maintenance of water levels before the main clean-up operation the following week.

Once the pit was clear, the hospital estates team were able to enter the chamber and modify the pumping system.

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