Margate Sewer Clean

In October of 2012 Margate town suffered from flooding after a combination of heavy rain fall and a blocked main sewer caused severe damage to homes and properties. MTS responded rapidly to pump out and remove the waste water, liaising directly with affected families and a comprehensive clean-up was completed.

To avoid the risk of recurrence MTS was instructed to clean 4000 metres of the main 2200mm diameter sewer line from Lombard Street to Margate WWTW in Esplanade Way using a high performance jetvac combination units and confined space working breathing apparatus.

The project required careful planning with letter drops, road closures and highway permits in place, along with a detailed method statement for high risk confined space entry works to depths of over 18 metres below ground.

The project removed some 500 tonnes of waste deposits from the network and was followed by a full CCTV structural survey. The project was successfully completed safely and ahead of schedule through close collaboration with the customer and other contractor’s staff both on and off site.

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