Emptying and cleaning a fuel/oil interceptor at a school

The task was to clean an interceptor at a secondary school in East Sussex, for our customer Balfour Beatty.

The interceptor was in a school car park and had not been serviced for over two years. Interceptors are designed to pick up contaminants such as oil, dirt and brake dust to prevent them entering storm sewers where they can then make their way to local water courses. They require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure they work efficiently.

The work took place during school closure times to minimise disruption. A confined space entry crew entered the interceptor to retrieve debris and rubble that had fallen in during previous car park maintenance works. This was followed by a combination jetting unit which thoroughly washed out the interceptor.

MTS advised the customer to have the interceptor cleaning out every six months in accordance with Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG 3), as set out by the Environment Agency.

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