Cleaning filter beds in wastewater treatment works

Our customer Thames Water were experiencing issues on certain wastewater sites with weed and moss infiltration on filter beds.

A filter bed is a type of waste water treatment system, it consists of a fixed bed of rocks, coke and gravel over which waste water flows downwards from rotating filter spray bars allowing a layer of micro-organisms to grow on the media.

However these filter beds and rotating distribution bars require regular maintenance otherwise they will suffer from duckweed and moss growth across the media. In addition, the holes on the filter bars become clogged up which will interfere with the natural process of sewage treatment and affect the compliance of the site.

Thames Water did not want to use environmentally unfriendly chemicals to kill the organic growth on the beds and pulling out the weeds by hand would have been labour intensive and costly.

MTS offered a cost effective non-toxic solution to kill the weeds and roots and unblock the spray bars using high pressure hot steam jetting, without use of any chemicals. This system has proved very successful across a number of wastewater treatment sites.

Following the cleaning process, the sites are closely monitored for re-growth.

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