Cleaning a lime tank at Ashford WTW for Southern Water

As chemical tank cleaning specialists, MTS ensure that stringent safety measures are followed to protect our employees, site employees and the general public during cleaning works.

Lime (calcium hydroxide) has a number of uses in the wastewater treatment process and the storage tanks for the chemical require regular cleaning and maintenance.

At Ashford WTW, the MTS crew created a splash zone and further safety zone around the tank to be cleaned, with the area taped off to demarcate the working area. Additional barriers and clear signage warning of chemical cleaning work supported the boundary of the safe working area.

All operatives wearing normal PPE remained outside the demarcated work area. The specialist cleaning team wore full chemical suits and respiratory protection equipment. To guard against possible splashes and chemical burns from the cleaning process, the MTS operative working in the splash zone was wearing a disposable chemical suit.

In addition, a shower within the splash zone was ready for use in an emergency.

As the weather was very hot during this cleaning operation, it was particularly important for the employees wearing chemical suits to take frequent breaks outside the working area in order to cool off and stay hydrated. Keeping cool and hydrated is important for all operatives working in hot weather.

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