Bio gas station boiler system maintenance

We were employed by our customer Heat Cynergy to assist with essential maintenance of the Ipsden bio gas station, which produces green gas for the local area. The bio gas site uses a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system heat exchanger to create hot water for heating. This is achieved by burning all the bio gas produced by the anaerobic digestion plant.

The boiler system needs periodic maintenance to remove all of the liquid (Mono Propylene Glycol) from the system and replace it with clean water to flush it through, before refilling with MPG. This was a two-day project for MTS. We:

  • • Emptied all waste from the boiler system;
  • • Removed and transferred the waste from site to a licensed disposal centre;
  • • Refilled with clean water for the flushing process over two days;
  • • Removed the water from the system allowing our customer to bring the plant back online.

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