Environmentally friendly jet cleaning

Environmentally friendly jet cleaning restores pathways and structures at Gerrards Cross STW for Thames Water.

Industrial and commercial sites accumulate dirt, moss, mildew and algae over time, causing unsightly and potentially hazardous conditions on pathways and elsewhere.

Thames WaterÂ’s treatment site at Gerrards Cross had a substantial build-up of moss across its paths and concrete structures. The heavy growth completely obscured some pathways, with an attendant increased risk of slips, trips and falls for site operatives.

Our jet washing experts returned the site to a pristine condition, removing the moss growth without the use of detergents or harmful chemicals.

This process is also extremely effective on industrial buildings, yards, driveways, walls and more.

Call 01634 250326 for more information or email info@mtscleansing.co.uk

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