De-sludging and cleaning four lagoons on a Wessex Water site

MTS were engaged to assist with this project by Stonbury Ltd, specialist contractors on waste water treatment sites.

Sludge lagoons are a key part of the treatment of waste water, providing a means to hold the waste and expose it to light and oxygen in order to disinfect the solids at minimum cost.

Lagoons are pond-like basins designed to receive and hold waste water for a predetermined period of time. Over time a solid build-up of sludge is formed which must be removed to ensure the lagoon can continue to function correctly.

MTS advised the use of a deep lifting super suction tanker deploying more than 100 fee of suction pipes to remove the sludge. This was then transferred to waiting tankers for disposal at Salisbury STW.

As work progressed, the team hit heavy solids at the bottom of the lagoon which caused issues with the tankers discharging the waste for disposal. MTS advised the customer that more water should be mixed with the sludge to loosen the solids and ease the disposal process.

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