Paddington station London

Following the successful cutting night work at Paddington station, the photos attached are of the bungs removed and also the equipment used. Once we started cutting the suspected concrete it became apparent that it was a bung with debris build up behind it. We had to cut through the majority of the first bung before it became loose enough to pull back with the cutter. We then utilised our ‘grabber’ tool to remove the bung from the pipework. Luckily the second bung only required a little cutting before it became loose and again we managed to pull it out with the grabber.

Prior to the works being carried out we had to run 200m of hose, jet the lines and CCTV survey the lines. Without doubt the team worked efficiently and endlessly, this was all situated on the sub-platform level the work had to be carried out at night and took 2 weeks in the planning and agreeing on safe and secure method. Never the less we got the task complete and had Paddington station running smoothly for the public with smiles on everyone’s face.

Chris Henderson our sales Director stated: “when we have job which involves the public use on the daily it must be taken into account that the job needs to be completed with everyone’s satisfaction and maintained/controlled with everyone’s efforts to the best of their ability so we have the public’s trust in us as a company we have handled the situation successfully and they now can carry on their travels with no disruptions.”

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