Knitbury Ferric tank Chemical dosing solutions

MTS completed a job for WES Chemical Dosing Solutions last week, we received a call from WES Ltd regarding a problem they had on a Thames Water Site, Kintbury STW, with the Ferric Sulphate Chemical Dosing tank on site. When the Ferric has been in the Tank for long periods it goes solid at the bottom and therefore can no longer be pumped out through the pipes and the tank needs to be emptied using an ADR Chemical tanker and a Jetting unit. In full Chemical PPE and facemasks with filters, we must use high pressure Jetting to dislodge the solid ferric from bottom of the tank and clean all the dosing lines ready for a refill of Ferric Sulphate to ensure the site.

Job was a complete success and customer was very happy with results of the clean.

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