Sewer Drainage Area Catchment Studies

MTS worked with a major joint venture partnership to deliver a year-long sewer survey and cleaning programme in several London boroughs and towns across the Thames Valley. The project aimed to reduce the risk of blockages and flooding at known hotspots, assess the condition of pipework to avoid sewer collapses and locate previously uncharted public sewers.

Much of the project involved access to private land or working under permit on highways. It required meticulous planning and close liaison with individual occupiers and other affected parties. MTS sent enabling crews to walk the route of the survey in advance to identify any possible issues in advance. During the project 12 CCTV rigs and six Jetvac combination units were backed up by a team of schedulers/enablers and data processors.

We produced fully coded structural surveys covering 350km of sewers, nearly half of which were previously unknown, unmapped or newly adopted public sewers. We removed 600 tonnes of detritus to improve the serviceability of the system and reduce the risk of future blockages. The joint venture group also constructed new manholes to improved future access and maintenance of the sewer network.

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