Jet wash clean the Ferric Chloride Tank

In March 2021 MTS received a request from one of our major clients to attend Fyfield STW to scope emptying and Jet wash clean the ferric Chloride Tank and bund as the tank was leaking into the bund causing a hazard and potential pollution, once cleaned T/W were looking to replace the tank.

Ferric Chloride is a highly corrosive chemical and this job would require a specialist cleaning crew in full chemical PPE and due to the corrosive nature of this chemical it would require a vacuum tanker with a rubber lined barrel to transport the waste to the disposal site.

The crews arrived on site and were briefed as to what was required, the work was carried successfully with no incidents to report. The client inspected the tank and Bund at conclusion of the work and confirmed they were very happy with the results.

Note on use of Ferric chloride

After screening & Grit removal at site, ferric chloride is dosed into the sewage on its way to the PSTÂ’s, here the ferric hydrolyses into electropositive ferric hydroxide reducing the Biochemical oxygen demand ( BOD ) as well as removing heavy metals, suspended solids, pathogens before continuing its journey to the secondary & tertiary treatment stages.

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