Askew Bridge A25 Maidstone Road Sewage Works Update 11th August 2021

We have lined from manhole 3501 outside Glebe Lodge down to the edge of our work area passed the railway bridge, around 300m. Each Manhole within this section has been refurbished, the laterals have been cut in and as of today flows have been shortened back up the site so as reinstatement can start at the bridge end.

We are however encountering more issues at the top end between manholes 4501 and 3501. After jetting the pipe to clean it and completing additional survey work it was determined that a lining option on this 30m of pipe would not be structurally sound and for longevity we would need to trench and install new pipe over this distance. A separate crew has been working on this to speed up the process but we have been hampered by a mass pour of concrete that runs along the whole length of the line from just above the crown of the pipe to just below the road surface. This wasn’t expected to be here and could be to do with the old road route or capping of old surface water lines when the new route was built. The mass pour does unfortunately contain gas and utility lines as well. This makes breaking it out very difficult.

As we stand currently the programme shows us slipping the opening of the road to September 3rd. We will have completed the final concrete pour by the 31st August but there then needs to be a seven day cure time before we can drive HGVs and the like over it. While this is not the news I wanted to give, the position that this section of main is in now is infinitely better than how we found it. We have had to go into this and find out the issues as we go and from my point of view that’s been run brilliantly on site.

I will be updating via a letter drop the area again. This will explain to them what has been explained here and we can set up any forums from there if needed. We will also be sure to update the MP and local businesses as well.

This picture is a bit cluttered. In the foreground is the new end of the bypass pipes, that now run the full sewage flow through the new liner. In the centre of the picture is the very deep hole for the first section of new pipe. This pipe will run back up to a manhole in the trees behind the digger, the other end of the new pipe run.

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