Askew Bridge A25 Maidstone Road Sewage Works Update 15th August 2021

The excavation is looking towards the original failed manhole and the void. As you can see the deep excavation now has the start of the new pipe installed. This was always difficult, a 4 metre deep trench in loose sandy soil is extremely hazardous.

In the background you can just see the twin pipes of the bypass pipe returning the pumped sewage back into the manhole and into the newly relined pipe, leaving the excavated section free for works.

To save time Southern Water began another excavation upstream of the first (see map below for the relationship between the two excavations).

Work came to a shuddering halt with the discovery that at some time in the past, someone filled the gap between the pipe and the road surface with mass concrete (close-up below). There are suspected services running through this concrete, so it must be broken out carefully.

It may be decided as a quicker solution to line the pipe through the concrete, but it is doubtful if this can be done in the collapsed pipe, which is why the excavation and replacement route was taken.

This is a close-up of the mass concrete in the second excavation, and below is a sketch map of the relationship between the excavations.

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