The Sound of Silence: Askew Bridge Sewer update 22 August 2021

The first thing I noticed yesterday when I visited was the peace and quiet, just a small generator running the perfume blower, and a few steps closer the sound of sewage gurgling happily through the pipes, just like a mountain stream.

The final 30 metres of severely damaged pipe has been replaced and partly backfilled. In the next few days that will be covered with concrete before the final base and top coat tarmac. But there has to be a 7 day cure before the concrete can take normal traffic. KCC are threatening penalty charges, but SW insist they will do the job properly, and that it will take as long as it takes - their new motto being "Do it Once, and Do it Right".

The pictures shows one house entrance that has been resurfaced, but also a sewage collapse from a few years ago that was never repaired properly, has now been done.

And my final picture is the garden on Sandy Ridge that suffered five blowouts in a row, now restored completely.

This will hopefully be the last update on this topic, and from now on our sewage system should behave as it should, a tribute to Southern Water and its contractors, most notably Andy Morris and Barry Woodhams, but not forgetting Perry, Tony, Julie-Anne and others whose names I never got. And to Ian McAulay, SW's new broom MD.

The extra voids that were discovered under the road have all been opened up and back filled properly and resurfaced, except one smaller one that will be drilled and grouted.

The entrances to the houses within the road works areas are having all sorts of repairs and upgrades, including tarmac and new kerbs (see pictures).

Over the next few days the huge volume of spare materials, construction equipment and cabins will be slowly removed, and it looks as if Southern Water's 3rd September deadline is achievable.

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