25 tankers situated on Sea Road in Little Hampton

We have had 25 tankers situated on Sea Road in Little Hampton controlling flows with a much wider scale taking place. Sea road is the main site to access our tankering from which feeds the rising main, this is where repair works from BTU were being made. The remaining of the tankers were in a 10 mile radius on satellite stations in Littlehampton that were isolated which feed Sea Road.

All together our vehicles were tankering 300 litres per second, this also involved several supervisors to supervise this large operation and Jason Diamond our operations manager also being on site himself. Our suppliers SelwoodÂ’s completed a brilliant set up for all pumps on every site to work efficiently including over pumps and pumps on the disposal point at Ford STC works. This is allowing us quicker loading times for fast paced turn around, therefore we made sure the flows were maintained throughout this period. This was over two consecutive nights on 22nd and 23rd of September between the hours of 20:00- 05:00.

Southern Water were very impressed with the work carried out and with all the planning which was made beforehand this showed that we are capable of any volume of tankers to be supplied to our clients and tanker any volume of flows ensuring the area of where we work will be in safe hands and no spills to the environment and local residents/businesses.

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