Cleaning of the Balancing Tank at East Shefford

MTS were contacted by Thames Water LMC to quote for the cleaning of the Balancing Tank at East Shefford, this is a job we have done previously back in 2019.

After meeting Thames on site and scoping the job we were awarded the work.

“A Balancing Tank is a key part of a wastewater Management system, also known as an Equalisation or EQ Tank its main purpose is to control the flows of large volumes of wastewater in and out of the treatment Works to prevent the works being overwhelmed.

The Tank needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to remove the solids , Grits/Rag that have settled on the bottom of the tank and block the Hydro- brake from operating correctly “ The Tank cleaning required a SST Jetting Unit and a 4K Tanker to remove the waste from site, no requirement for confined space entry to tank, the job was completed in a day to the complete satisfaction of Thames Water.

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