2012 Christmas and New Year Flooding Event

Months of unusually wet weather in late 2012 caused surface flooding and high infiltration to sewers and drains in southern England. Some receiving pumping stations were unable to discharge the volume of water in time to avoid extensive flooding to homes, commercial and industrial premises stretching from Hastings to Bognor.

MTS mobilised all available tankers to draw off rising flood water round the clock for a six week period from 20th December 2012 to protect property at risk. At the height of the event we were deploying 60 tankers and five combination units, feeding information back to our water industry customers to help coordinate emergency operations.

Through liaison with customers requiring planned contract works, we were able to divert many field units from non-critical activities to supplement our emergency crews.

Both management and field teams at MTS showed their dedication by working throughout Christmas, Boxing Day and the New Year to help support and relieve those affected by the floods.

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