Primary Settlement Tank - Skim/Clean

As part of our on-going commitment to our clients to serve our newly awarded contract, we were asked to attend a Waste Water Treatment site to skim and clean the excess sludge on a Primary Settlement Tank (PST).

From one phone call, the units were dispatched to site and briefed on what was required. The tank and plant were experiencing problems; the root cause had been fixed, but left the tank in a state that needed urgent cleaning, so that the treatment process could resume.

The MTS crew then set to work on the excess sludge, which meant they had to set up on the gantry, make themselves safe by adding extra PPE such as safety harness, short lanyard and life jacket to their standard set.

Once several hours had elapsed and several loads were tipped at site via one of our Super Sucker Tanker (SST), the tank was restored to its normal working condition.

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