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We offer a professional installation service for all kinds of tanks, sewage treatment and drainage systems.

We are well known for our expertise in cleaning all kinds of tanks and vessels and we also offer a professional civil engineering service. A recent example of this kind of installation project was at the Kent County Council Household Waste Reception Site in Tovil, Maidstone in Kent.

MTS won a tender to install a bespoke disposal system to deal with a build-up of oily ground water at the Tovil site. Our solution was to install tanks and a bund to collect the ground water depositied from vehicles and machinery used at the site.

Jason Downer is the civil engineering specialist in the MTS business development team, with many years of experience behind him. Jason undertook the initial scope of the work and went on to design and coordinate the delivery of the project.

Jason said; “The new system features two tanks, situated in a bund which is a brick-built compound designed to collect any overspill from the tanks. The oily groundwater on the site runs into a series of gullies, which lead into four interceptors. From the interceptors the water runs into a wet well and when it reaches a certain level it is pumped into the new tanks. We use vacuum tankers to empty the tanks when they’re full and remove the water for disposal.”

Interceptors are designed to capture contaminants and prevent them entering the storm sewers where they can make their way to local water courses. Businesses can face prosecution fines and clean-up costs if found guilty of causing pollution to water courses, so the use of interceptors is key to reducing risk to both the environment and business.

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Why choose MTS?

  • 24/7 Reliability 01634 250326

    There is always someone to take your call - Our field service teams operate round the clock every day of the year.
  • Rapid response

    With hub depots throughout the region, we operate a highly flexible scheduling system. We instruct our nearest available tracked field service for the quickest response.
  • Competent first time fix

    Our fully qualified and experienced teams use high performance equipment to fix problems first time with no need for back up resources or second visits. We ensure the optimum solution for your needs.
  • Extensive range of waste solutions

    Our waste management services are available for both individual jobs and more complex packaged solutions. We offer a one-stop shop whatever your requirements and we are continuing to expand our range of services through innovation and investment.
  • Experienced and qualified team

    All management and staff receive full training and are qualified to demanding industry standards in their specialised disciplines. MTS invests in its people and, with low staff turnover, retains a considerable depth of experience to ensure Customers receive the best service. Email our team today at
  • Full QUENSH management systems

    MTS operates an integrated management system comprising the individual accreditations for ISO 9001 (Quality), 14001 (Environment) and 18001 (Health and Safety). Certified and regularly audited for compliance by BSI Customers are assured of rigorous processes and procedures supporting front line service delivery
  • Trusted service provider

    MTS is entrusted by major water companies across Southern and South East England to work safely to the highest performance standards under stringent environmental and financial control. Rail, airport and highway agencies similarly demand safe and secure services from MTS for the maintenance of critical infrastructure with minimum risk to the travelling public


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