Experts in domestic drainage since 1986

MTS offers a comprehensive range of services to households and businesses without mains drainage. Our professional service and competitive rates are built on years of experience.

The company was founded in 1986 as a domestic cesspit emptying service in the Medway area of Kent. With more than 30 years of knowledge and expertise behind us, we continue to serve households across the south east.

We empty all types of septic tanks, cesspools and sewage plants for domestic, commercial and industrial customers. If you have recently moved into premises without mains drainage, you may need advice regarding the sewage system you have inherited.

We offer free site visits and surveys to assess the condition of existing plant and give advice on emptying, cleaning and repairs. We can combine emptying with a service giving a full clean, repair and replenish. We can also jet wash soakaways and drains at the same time as a routine empty.

Read our useful online guide to the differences between cesspits and septic tanks.

You may be considering upgrading from a cesspool to a sewage treatment plant. Treatment plants are an economical solution to managing domestic waste as they need emptying far less frequently than cesspools, often a little as once every two years.

We install, service, clean and repair all makes of private wastewater treatment plant as well as cesspools and septic tanks.

We can install treatment plants within one or two days, with minimal disruption.

Our depot in Ashford, Kent is dedicated to our household services and houses our fleet of smaller tankers.

Whether you have a cesspit or septic tank (or are connected to the mains drainage system for that matter), only ever flush pee, poo and paper down the toilet. That means no sanitary items, wet wipes, food waste, fat, grease or anything else.  Blockages can cause flooding.

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